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This site was created to share some great pictures of goats, whom I just adore.

I have worked on the farm for years. I started milking the does and caring for their kids. Then after adopting 3 of my own kids (human ones) from Haiti, I continued to work part time at the farm.
I just couldn't give up the goats!

Kids and Kids

Rebecca and Wiltosso with William the kid

Farm HouseCheeses
The Farm House Natural Cheese retail shop and cheese plant
is part of a small family dairy farm located in Agassiz,
British Columbia, Canada. The store features artisan cheeses
hand crafted on site. The milk used to produce these wonderful
cheeses comes from their own cows and goats.

The milk goat dairy operation has a mix of Saanen, the occasional
Toggenburg, Nubian, Alpine, La Mancha doe ( nanny ) and bucks
( billy ). Steve, an Oberhasli buck has joined the herd, and great
things are expected of him!

Click on the La Mancha goat below for a tour of the goat milking
dairy operation, see the does just hanging out, and visit the
baby barn to see the cutest goat kids around!!


Come visit my goaty barn,
Click me, says Blondie

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